Reckless Violator

Driving is one of my greatest joys I am privileged to have. Unless there is traffic, then I wish everyone would just walk. But then there would be people traffic. I guess traffic is inevitable. I love finding shortcuts away from traffic, winding through backroads and trying to gun it through consecutive green lights to avoid stopped cars. 

    A few days ago I drove a different route from work to change things up. I veered right at a light to turn onto what I thought was just a street. That street quickly became the Interstate 5 freeway. Not just the busiest freeway, but I turned into the carpool only lane on the busiest freeway. This wouldn't have been an issue except, I was a single rider. I imagined all the cars passing me wondering where my second rider was.

    "How did this happen?!" 

    I talked and laughed to myself like I had a full carload. If people questioned whether I was carpooling, I'm pretty sure I convinced them. I drove a bit faster hoping that if only I sped by, then maybe they won't see that I'm driving in the carpool lane without anyone else in my car. I felt like the biggest liar.

   I kept telling myself, the lane will break soon. Instead the lane went off into it's own freeway ramp, right next to traffic. I pushed down on the petal harder, pressing on towards the nearest exit. A sign flashed by my car, "$341 dollar fine for violators." My eyes scanned in a panic for police cars, there was no way to get out! I flew off of an exit, fearing that everyone would be shouting "violator!" and a cop would stand there ready to flog or stone me for breaking the law.

   I am so thankful that God doesn't sit around like a cop, waiting to catch us violating His law. God created the Law so that we can live in unity and peace together. Christ already freed me from an obligation of obedience to the Law, I am seen as holy and righteous.

  As I've gotten older, I've come to appreciate the Law. Now that doesn't sound Lutheran of me, but I hope it sounds Biblical--"Oh, how I love your law! I meditate on it day and night."(Psalm 199:97) 

When I am compared against expectations that I can't live up to, I can only run to Christ. 

We're all reckless violators, but God is relentless in His love and grace. 

How can I not love and live out His Law?